Suburban Satellites

Truly unique events for the whole family delivered in your own back yard, featuring poetry, art, music and new media installations.
Suburban Satellites

Freshwater CWA Hall

6:30pm - Harper’s Bazaar

If you thought only angels play harp - think again. Cairns' treasure trove of harpists share their stories through music: from delicate to dramatic and even groovy. Vibrant strings and soulful vocals will resonate through the night. Featuring a colourful mix of fresh, seasoned and original artists. Proudly presented by Cairns Harp Connection.

8:00pm - Daisy Speaks

Daisy Lavea-Timo (Daisy Speaks) comes from a long line of powerful Sāmoan Orators. Daisy is a Polynesian powerhouse poet, rugby prop and producer who explores what it means to be a straddler of worlds: a kiwi-born, fluent-Samoan speaking and traditional tattoo-wielding Matai.

Daisy debuted her spoken word show: “BRAVE-A Daisy Poetry Promenade” in 2015, an inter-arts collaboration with 51 artists. Daisy holds both the 2017 NZ Poetry Slam Champion and Canterbury Poetry Slam Champion titles and is currently working on some new material.
Delivered in partnership with Queensland Poetry Festival.        Queensland Poetry Festival

Suburban Satellites

6pm-9pm - A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home is an art installation and community project developed by artists Priscilla Ong and India Collins. It is a merging of two creative concepts that celebrate three communities and their unique concepts of ‘home’.

The first element is a community engagement project lead by photographer and graphic artist Priscilla Ong. Priscilla will gather stories and images from each community to develop a unique multimedia artwork, people can also add images to the installation on the night.

Secondly India Collins has developed an art installation using ‘house’ structures and light to create a mini suburb that the community can explore, play in, add to and reflect on what they love about their out suburb. The installation features light, sound and projection to stimulate all the senses and create an immersive experience. Each installation will be unique to the suburb featuring the stories and images collected by Priscilla Ong.

‘A Place to Call Home’ questions our notions of home, is it a building, is it family, the community or something more.

A Place Called Home

Starts: 28 Aug 2018 06:00 pm
Ends: 28 Aug 2018 09:00 pm
Location: Freshwater CWA Hall, 1 Kamerunga Road
Admission: FREE