Skateparks & BMX tracks

There are a range of BMX and skate facilities in the City ranging from the skate park on the Esplanade More

Sport & leisure centres

Whether it's playing tennis, exercising or just chilling out, our sport & leisure centres offer a wealth of activities. More

Public swimming pools

Our public swimming pools are available for use by the general public for a small fee. More

Barlow Park multi-sports facility

Types of activities conducted at Barlow Park include, athletics, rugby league/union matches, soccer matches and school carnivals. More

Sport fields

Non leased sport parks are used by sporting clubs and are open for public use at all times outside of sport event times. Leased sport parks are used by sporting clubs and mostly not open for general public use. More

Occupying Council Property

A number of different tenure agreements are available for not-for-profit groups. More

Go Clubs (for sports clubs)

Information and resources to assist sporting clubs in the Cairns Regional Council area. More

Last updated: 03 January 2017