Redlynch Sport and Recreation Parklands

The Redlynch Sport and Recreation Parklands site sits within the Redlynch Valley which is identified as being part of Division 6 within Cairns Regional Council area.

The site is bound by the Redlynch Connector Road and Powerlink site to the west, State Government owned drainage corridor to the north and Freshwater Creek and other Council land to the east and south. St Andrew’s Catholic College forms part of the southern site boundary.

The Redlynch Sport and Recreation Parklands site is the last sizable undeveloped green space within the Redlynch Community.  Due to the under-supply of sporting land in the Redlynch area, in 2016 Council negotiated the purchase of the site on previous Lots 3, 4 and 119 Redlynch Connector Road, Redlynch from Powerlink to develop a District Sports Park.

The new Council site is a 51.43ha parcel of L-shaped land on Lot 2 of SP279529. An area of 1.896ha was also purchased by Council to build the new Portelli Road on the west site boundary, which provides the site with a road access point off the arterial and connector roads otherwise surrounding the site on three sides.

The site and surrounds is recognised by Council for its high landscape and ecological values. The Freshwater Creek corridor also contains remnant rainforest vegetation that is recognised by the Queensland Government as part of a critically endangered ecosystem. This project provides opportunities to sensitively integrate the proposed active sporting facilities with other informal recreation facilities within this natural environment backdrop.

A copy of the masterplan drawing is available for download.  For the whole masterplan report, contact  Separate arrangements will need to be made due to the size of this report (30MB).

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Last updated: 09 October 2017