Conditions of use for Council campgrounds

COVID-19 restrictions

To meet Queensland Health requirements for contact tracing, Council has introduced an online booking system at the Rotary Park and Greenpatch campgrounds. To make sure the booking system works, and that all sites can be fully utilised, we've also had to introduce arrival and departure times.

The Greenpatch (Gordonvale), Babinda Rotary Park and Babinda Boulders campgrounds have been provided by Cairns Regional Council as free, short-term camping sites.

Length of stay

  • The maximum length of stay is 72 hours (3 nights)
  • Users may not return to the same campground within 14 days

Arrival and departure

  • Arrival is between 10.30am and 6pm
  • Departure is before 10am

Contact tracing

Users must provide personal details for contact tracing purposes, by:

  • Babinda Boulders, filling in the sign-in sheet in the amenities area
  • Rotary Park Babinda, booking online
  • Greenpatch (Gordonvale), booking online


  • Can be only be made 14 days in advance
  • If you can’t attend on your selected dates, please cancel your booking by clicking the link within your booking confirmation email.
  • For multi-day bookings, we will cancel your booking if you do not attend by 6pm on the first date you have selected.

General conditions

Use of the campgrounds are governed by the Land Act 1994 and Council’s Local Laws (No. 6 & 11).

Council officers routinely patrol these campgrounds to enforce the below rules.

A person must not:

1. Camp for more than 3 consecutive nights, after which a person must not return to the camping area to camp within 14 days of departure;

2. Reside or carry out domestic tasks in a caravan, tent or motorhome that is dilapidated, unsightly or overcrowded or unfit for use;

3. Light or maintain a fire in the open air except in a properly constructed fireplace approved by Council;

4. Engage in unlawful business, trade or occupation;

5. Display or exhibit advertising matter;

6. Park a caravan, motorhome or erect in a tent in a place that is not approved by Council;

7. Let or hire a caravan, motorhome cabin or tent to another person without written approval from Council;

8. Use hand washing facilities for purposes other than their intended use;

9. Lay down floor covering on the ground surface;

10. Damage, destroy or remove a tree, shrub or plant;

11. Dig a hole or trench;

12. Use a generator after 8:00pm and before 8:00am;

13. Damage or interfere with local government infrastructure;

14. Deposit or leave any refuse or rubbish anywhere other than in refuse or rubbish bins provided;

15. Not dispose of waste water appropriately;

16. Under Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2015 it is an offence not to remove faeces of an animal and dogs must be on a lead at all times.

Anyone who fails to comply with these rules or Council’s Local Laws may be evicted.

Please report any issues to Council on 1300 692 247. These rules are for the comfort and enjoyment of all camping ground users to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Last updated: 09 September 2020