Community halls hire - additional terms & conditions

In addition to Council’s General Terms and Conditions of Use for venue hire, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Noise is kept at a level which will not adversely impact on the amenity of nearby residents. Music of any kind is to cease by 10:00pm and packing up of equipment is to be completed by 11.00pm.
  2. The hirer is responsible for leaving the venue in a clean and tidy state.  Floors should be swept and mopped if required. All facility equipment is to be returned to its original storage area after use. Any cost incurred by Council in cleaning the premises resulting from the condition in which the hirer left the venue shall be recoverable from the hirer.
  3. Entering and vacating:
    No access is allowed prior to the approval time. The venue must be fully vacated by the finish time indicated on the approval. The hirer is to ensure all lighting and air conditioners are switched off prior to locking up. All windows and doors should be closed and locked. Every consideration must be given by people using and vacating the area to the residents who live nearby in regard to minimising noise and unruly behaviour.
  4. Gambling:
    No game of chance, at which either directly or indirectly money is passed as a prize, is permitted at the venue, with the exception that this clause shall not prevent the hirer using the venue for games of Bingo or equivalent, providing relevant permits have been obtained.
  5. Signage:
    No notice, sign, advertisement, scenery, fittings or decorations of any kind shall be erected on or in the building or attached or affixed to the walls, doors or any other portion of the building, fittings or furniture, without prior consent of the Council.
  6. Decorations and Stage Fittings:
    No stage property, decorations, electric lighting, naked lights of any kind or articles of similar nature (eg candles, oil burners or mosquito burners) shall be brought into the venue without the consent of the Council.  This includes smoke machines, additional seating and scaffolding.  All such articles and property together with any catering appliances or fittings shall be removed by the hirer at the end of the function.  All stage/performance lighting must be set up and packed down by a qualified technician.
  7. APRA:
    Council Community Halls are APRA licenced for the performance in public of Works within APRA’s repertoire. This does not cover commercial hirers (such as fitness instructors) who are responsible for arranging the appropriate licence for music usage during their activity.
  8. Permission to Occupy:
    Nothing contained in these conditions shall confer on the hirer the right to exclusive possession. Council reserves the right to permit any other portion of the Community Hall to be hired for any other purpose at the same time.
  9. Council reserves the right not to approve applications for events involving the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  10. The hirer is responsible for the collection of any keys required for the booking within the times specified by Council. Failure to collect keys may result in additional costs if attendance by a Council officer or contractor after hours is required in order to allow access.  Any additional costs incurred will be passed onto the hirer. Requests for Council to provide after hours access due to the failure to collect keys will be granted at Council’s discretion and is not guaranteed.
Last updated: 16 June 2020