Free Cairns Heritage Tour smartphone app

If you find yourself in Cairns you're probably already rapt by the climate and the stunning surroundings. You might also be wondering how this place evolved from a sleepy frontier town to the cosmopolitan regional city it is today.
Dig beneath the shiny surface of modern day Cairns with this free, self-guided tour of 20 heritage sites around the city, including images, spoken-word stories and fascinating information on historical sites and influential people, dating back to 1896.
Sites include the old dance halls, the "Golden Block", the Indigenous Hospital Camp, Floating Sea Baths, Lover's Bower, Russian Guns, Chinatown, the Lit Sung Goong Temple, the Red Light District, Rusty's Market, Barbary Coast and the Marlin Marina, among others.
You can customise your tour using the category view and keyword search functions aided by the interactive map. Use this guide before, during or after your visit to Cairns.
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Last updated: 27 May 2016