Tinderbox Cyber Shanti

TBX Cyber-Shanti is a three piece musical manifestation that grew out of the music that was put together for the Art and Soundscape show that was held in August 2018 which featured a new ilk of audio from the band Tinderbox. The music for the “Elemental” art show is a journey into the four elements (Earth, Fire, Air and Water), it features four pieces of music that are composed in Sofeggio tuning or also known as the root notes of earth / the frequency of love.

Once the Tinderbox trio Gumpy, Savidas, Uma Vernau and Isaac Scott began composing the pieces for the show they soon discovered the music they were writing had a life of its own, and before long they had a whole set that was inspired by the root note of earth and it was a very different side of the Tinderbox sound.