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(If you are considering a high impact production we advise that you contact the Film Liaison Officer well in advance to ensure Council can provide a high level of service to meet your requirements.)

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For each Council managed location or public area you wish to use, you must provide separate location details including site map, address, dates, number of cast & crew, activities and schedule.

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Attach public liability/insurance certificate & any relevant documents or maps. It is a requirement that Cairns Regional Council is named as an interested party in your public liability/insurance certificate.

Terms and Conditions

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Commercial photography/filming
»  Non-exclusive use - no charge (but permit is still required) 
»  Exclusive use - relevant fees and charges + refundable bond (as determined on a case-by-case basis)
Student / Community Filming
»  Fees to be determined on a case-by-case basis
News / Current Affairs Program
»  News and current affairs programs are exempt from fees and charges.

Supporting information

(To be submitted at least 7 working days (non-exclusive) or 14 working days (exclusive) before commencement of filming)

1. Residential / Business notification letter
Exclusive use filming requires written notification to residences and stakeholders in the vicinity of the location by way of letterbox drop, at least 7 days prior to the start of filming. The notification should include information such as contact details, description of photography shoot, proposed location, commencement and completion dates and times, number of productions persons etc.
2. Vehicle details including number(s), type and registration
3. Copy of insurance
$20,000,000 and must cover filming dates. Public liability insurance less than $20 million would involve an assessment of risk prior to permit approval. It is a requirement that Cairns Regional Council is named as an interested party in your public liability/insurance certificate.
4. Location details / Site maps
For each Exclusive Use location, attach a photo or detailed map with locations and equipment clearly marked. If road or footpath closures are required, indicate affected areas and any parking meters, parking bays, bus stops, taxi zones or significant traffic infrastructure.
5. Traffic / Pedestrian / Parking management
Film shoots that require a unit base, essential vehicle and/or crew parking are required to submit for approval a parking plan or mud map with the application. Where filming activities require the use of a public road and alterations to traffic flow (such as stop/go traffic control) and/or parking, a Traffic Guidance Scheme/Management Plan prepared by an accredited traffic consultant will be required to be submitted in support of an application. Where public pedestrian movements are proposed to be altered, a pedestrian management strategy/plan may also be required to be submitted in support of an application
6. Letter of support
Tourism Queensland or Tourism Tropical North Queensland letter of support (non-exclusive use only)
7. Interviews
If interviews of the general public are to be conducted in public areas, a list of interview questions and the surveys purpose is to be provided

Contact details

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