Healing Garden Playground

COVID-19 update

All playgrounds along the Cairns Esplanade have reopened. Physical distancing rules apply and gatherings are limited to groups of 50 people.

The Healing Garden, located opposite Cairns Hospital, was redeveloped in 2013 around existing features to include a new play area. One of the existing features is the Bamboo – a symbol of longevity and humility. The coastal breezes sway the Bamboo, which bends easily. It does not break readily and is therefore seen as a symbol of strength.

The Healing Garden is planted with green to assist with balance and harmony. Healing colours highlight the play area: pale violet to soothe emotional distress and bring about calm; and yellow to help with strengthening the mind and to assist with nerve pain.

The Healing Garden has a playground facility, making it a nice place for families to relax and enjoy. There are toilets located close to the Healing Garden Playground, near the Beach Volleyball Courts.

Cairns Esplanade Healing Gardens Playground
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