Rules for commenting on Council's website

We welcome your comments but monitor and moderate your feedback to ensure content is appropriate, friendly, respectful and inclusive. 

While this is an open forum we have a few general housekeeping rules that we ask you to adhere to when contributing your views to Cairns Regional Council's webpages.

Substance - not spam

Please don't post appeals, requests or offers, or post comments that are clearly off topic. 

Commercial advertising, promotions or hyperlinks don't belong here

Content that may constitute advertising, such as promotion of commercial interests, solicitations or endorsements of non-governmental products or services, will not be approved. 

No non-government hyperlinks please

We cannot control the content contained on other websites, so we will remove any links we are not comfortable providing to our diverse online community. Don't link to commercial websites that promote products or services. 

Play nice 

No one likes it when you are offensive.

Comments containing obscene or vulgar language, abuse, personal attacks or hate speech of any kind, or offensive terms will be removed and the user blocked.

Protect your own personal privacy

Don't include your email address, phone numbers or home addresses in your comments. If you need to report a specific issue to us, please use the Contact Us form on our website.

Last updated: 11 September 2015