Redlynch Rainfall and Flooding Event Report

The Redlynch Valley area experienced a severe rainfall event on the evening of 26 March 2018 associated with Cyclone Nora.  This caused the flooding of Freshwater Creek and Currunda Creek which resulted in flooding of several residential properties, the Crystal Cascades Holiday Park, the Redlynch Valley Tennis Centre and Equestrian Park, and Council parks and roads.

Council engaged specialist consultants, BMT WBM Pty Ltd, to undertaken an independent forensic review of the rainfall event, in order to assess and determine the cause of this flash flooding.

Council also invited residents to provide submissions on flood related matters. There were 40 public submissions received by Council in relation to flooding in Redlynch Valley.

The consultant's report shows that, based on rain gauge analysis and rainfall runoff modelling, the rainfall event in the creek system that led to flooding in the lower reaches was greater than a 100-year ARI (average recurrence interval) event.

Download the Redlynch Rainfall and Flooding Event Report ( PDF, 3.04 MB ), or view a printed copy at Libraries or Council’s Customer Service Centre (Spence Street, Cairns).

If you have any questions or comments to make on the Redlynch Flooding Report, you can:

Copperlode Falls Dam Emergency Action Plan Review 2018

Following the March 2018 severe rainfall event, Council also commissioned specialist consultants, Ironside Risk Partners, to undertake an independent review of the Copperlode Dam Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to identify any improvements that could be made to the plan and to assess its application during the major weather event.  This review has been completed and Council will now set about implementing recommendations contained within it.

Last updated: 13 June 2018