Batteries power recycling message

Published: 13 Nov 2017

Cairns is on its way to recycling a tonne of batteries through its libraries, powering an important message during National Recycling Week.

Australians purchase more than 12,000 tonnes of common household batteries each year to power everyday items like remote controls, toys and power tools. The majority end up in landfill, making them the most common form of hazardous waste.

“Many people put their household batteries into the rubbish bin and don’t really think of them as being recyclable,” Mayor Bob Manning said. “But batteries do have plenty of reusable components that are suitable for recycling.

“While they can’t be put in your yellow-lid bin due to the hazardous materials involved, they can be dropped off for free at our waste transfer stations or in Cairns Libraries branches.”

Collection points were placed in all library branches earlier this year. They can be used to dispose of all small household batteries, including battery packs from power tools and laptops. Larger batteries, such as car batteries, can be dropped at any of Council’s waste transfer stations free of charge.

Batteries are sent to processing facilities and separated into base components to reuse the electrolytes, plastics and heavy metals including mercury, zinc and cadmium.

So far, about 800kg of batteries have been collected through the libraries alone.

This week is National Recycling Week and all residents are encouraged to think about their recycling habits.

“What’s we’d really like is for residents to think twice about everything they throw out – can it be recycled, reused or composted?” Cr Manning said.

Anyone who would like to learn more about how to recycle right is invited to visit Council’s National Recycling Week stall in various shopping centres this week. Visitors can enter the draw to win a double pass to the Great Barrier Reef or gift vouchers for local stores.

  • Monday 13 Nov 10am-12noon – Smithfield Shopping Centre
  • Tuesday 14 Nov 10am-12noon – Stockland Earlville Shopping Centre
  • Friday 17 Nov 10am-12noon – Cairns Central Shopping Centre

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Last updated: 13 November 2017