Volunteers make most of green space

Published: 22 Nov 2017

Gardening enthusiasts across the Cairns region are getting their hands dirty through the Green Space Our Place volunteer program.

Council introduced the program in January 2016 to provide support for members of the community who wish to beautify or maintain public spaces. It builds on the success of volunteer groups operating within the Cairns Botanic Gardens and Cattana Wetlands.

In 2017 GSOP was expanded to incorporate the management of community gardens, neighbourhood open produce projects and the highly successful Tracks ‘n’ Trails initiative, which assists in the management of the Mount Whitfield “Arrows” and Ivan Evans walking tracks.

Achievements throughout the year include the transformation of Mooroobool’s Silky Oak Court Park; rehabilitation of the creek at Jalarra Park; and upgrades to Keith Edwick Park at Machans Beach.

Through the Green Space Our Place program, Council provides materials, support and related works to assist volunteers in their projects.

Currently, there are 245 registered volunteers through the Green Space Our Place program.

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Last updated: 28 November 2017