Recreational fishing strategy endorsed

Published: 08 Aug 2018

A strategy identifying initiatives, roles and responsibilities around recreational fishing has been adopted by Cairns Regional Council.

The Cairns Recreational Fishing Strategy 2018-2022 was developed in partnership with recreational fishing groups, the Queensland Government and other stakeholders to provide an outline of actions intended to improve recreational fishing opportunities in the region.

Mayor Bob Manning said recreational fishing was important to the Cairns community.

“Fishing is a leisure and social activity enjoyed by many residents and which contributes significantly to our regional economy, particularly through tourism,” he said.

“Furthermore, recreational fishing helps to educate our community on the benefits of sustainable natural resource management and conservation.”

With multiple stakeholders responsible for different aspects of recreational fishing, the strategy is an important step in securing collaboration across five key strategic themes: ecology and natural environment; fisheries development; enhancing marine infrastructure and access; marketing and promotion; and business and event development.

Council looks forward to working with the various parties involved to ensure recreational fishing continues to be a way of life for our community for generations to come.

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Last updated: 08 August 2018