Disaster advice at a glance

Published: 10 Nov 2017

Latest disaster advice and information will be a simple click away for Cairns region residents this coming summer.

The Cairns Disaster Dashboard – to be launched at tomorrow’s Cairns Local Disaster Coordination Centre Open Day – will be a single point of reference for information and advice during a disaster.

Providing information from Council, emergency services, utilities such as Ergon and Telstra, road status updates, and traffic and flood cams, the website will become the primary online disaster resource for residents.

Cairns Local Disaster Management Group Chair Cr Terry James said the user-friendly dashboard would allow residents to be more informed than ever before during a natural disaster.

“During an emergency the dashboard will be updated in real time with things like road closures, power outages and notifications of any shelters that may be opened,” Cr James said.

“Outside of activations, the website will have links to all of our resources to help residents prepare for natural disasters. It will include storm tide zones and evacuation routes, as well as material to help with making a Household Emergency Plan.”

The home page of the Cairns Disaster Dashboard also contains a link to register for the new Cairns Alert* emergency messaging service. (*see separate media release)

Mayor Bob Manning said the introduction of the Disaster Dashboard and Cairns Alert would allow residents to be properly informed and prepared for any disaster situation.

“By delivering real-time information to residents, these new resources will be invaluable during an emergency,” he said.

“Preparation is the key to resilience and by accessing to all of this information, residents can be empowered to be informed and ready during a disaster.

“But this should not be treated as a reason to ignore year-round planning. We encourage everyone to follow three simple words: Plan, Pack, Listen.

“It’s up to everyone living in the Cairns region to have a household emergency plan, emergency kit with essentials sufficient to last three days, and to stay aware and informed of any severe weather threat.”

Residents with questions about how to be prepared, or would like to be among the first to see the Cairns Disaster Dashboard in action, are invited to visit the Cairns Local Disaster Coordination Centre Open Day this Saturday, 11 November.

This free event, from 9.30am to 1.30pm, at the centre on Windarra Street, Woree, provides a sneak-peek behind the scenes of an emergency.

The Cairns Disaster Dashboard is available at disaster.cairns.qld.gov.au or via Council’s website, www.cairns.qld.gov.au.

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Last updated: 16 November 2017