Changes to CBD regulated parking from January

Published: 28 Dec 2017

Motorists are reminded that changes to CBD parking, aimed at making it easier to find a car park, will take effect from 2 January 2018.

From the new year, the casual parking rate will be $1.40 an hour; fines for overstaying or parking without a valid ticket will be approximately $58; and regulated parking will apply from 8.30am to 6pm seven days a week.

It is the first time fees and fines have been increased in five years.

“We have heard from shoppers and CBD business owners that it is hard to find a car park in the CBD, not just on weekdays but also on weekends,” Acting Mayor Terry James said.

“In fact, parking was listed as one of the top three issues needing attention in the Our Cairns survey.

“Introducing regulated parking across the weekend will ensure a regular turnover of vehicles, providing much-needed spaces for people wanting to shop and dine in the CBD.

“Increased fines will also be a deterrent for those people who overstay in a parking bay, effectively stopping someone else from getting to their favourite business.”

Cr James said centre median parking would continue to be free seven-days-a-week.

“If you are coming into the city and are uncertain about the time changes, or whether you are in a paid parking area, always check the parking signs,” he said.

“And a reminder that the upgraded Lake Street Car Park is now available and has free parking up until 8.30am on 2 January, when the new regulations will kick in across the city.”

Money from parking fees and fines is reinvested into improved parking options in the city. Over the past five years, more than $8.5 million has been spent on parking, including adding 450 new spaces, upgrading ticket machines to accept credit card payments and using Licence Plate Recognition technology to improve efficiency in enforcing car parking turnover.

Council is also investigating ways of making it easier to find an available car park through sensors, real-time signage and parking apps, with further information to become available in the new year.

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Last updated: 02 January 2018