Delegated decisions

On 21 May 2018, the Queensland Parliament passed the Local Government Electoral (Implementing Stage 1 of Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018. This Act made amendments to the Local Government Act 2009, including changed procedures around the declaration by Councillors of a material personal interest and conflict of interest.

The changes include a new requirement for dealing with matters where a majority of Councillors inform the meeting they have personal interests in a particular matter.  Section 175E(6) requires that such matters be delegated for decision under section 257 of the Local Government Act 2009, unless deciding the matter cannot be delegated under that section.

The document below lists all decisions delegated by Cairns Regional Council to the Chief Executive Officer from 21 May 2018 in accordance with Section 175E(6).

Last updated: 05 June 2018