Mayor's Discretionary Fund

Note: All funds have been expended for the 2018/19 financial year.

Please be advised that with the upcoming Local Government Election in March 2020, new legislation prohibits Councillors making new decisions to use their discretionary funds from 1 January in an election year (2020).

If you wish to apply for the fund, your applications will have to be received prior to Friday 13 December, to allow for review and processing prior to Council’s shutdown on Tuesday 24 December.

The Mayor's Discretionary Fund provides grants for individual community organisations.

  1. The Mayor's Discretionary Fund is an annual amount provided in each budget to enable the Mayor to respond to emergent requests for financial assistance from community organisations.  In the 2019-2020 financial year, an amount of $15,000 has been allocated for this fund, capped at $500 per organisation.
  2. Grants are available for individual community organisations to apply for, once only per financial year, to enable the grant monies to be spread between eligible community organisations.
  3. Funds for the Mayor's Discretionary Fund are limited, each application is assessed on merit and not all eligible applications can be funded.
  4. Grants to community organisations must be in accordance with Council's Community Grant Policy.
  5. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for ensuring compliance in accordance with Division 3 Discretionary funds in the Local Government Regulation 2012.
  6. Successful applications and amount funded are listed in Council's Annual Report each year, Council's website and displayed in Council's Customer Service Centre.


Applicants must:

  • Be based within the boundaries of Cairns Regional Council; and
  • Be a community or not-for-profit organisation (in accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012).

Applicants must not:

  • Have outstanding Council grants that have not complied with the acquittal process
  • Have overdue payments to Council for rents, rates, fees, Council guarantor loan repayments etc
  • Be a commercial organisation
  • Be a political group or organisation
  • Be a discriminatory group or organisation
  • Be a school, university, TAFE, Parents and Citizens group, or any educational institution
  • Be eligible for and/or better suited to other Council grant streams
  • Request funding or support retrospectively for a project, event or activity that has already occurred

Applications must not:

  • Support private and/or commercial ventures
  • Be for projects, events or activities that are the subject of litigation

If the proposed request is ineligible under this funding stream, alternative Council and non-Council grant streams may be available. Read more about other Council grant streams.

Approval Process

  1. The application will be prepared by the applicant using the requisite Mayor's Discretionary Fund application form ( PDF, 5.91 MB ).
  2. Applications will be assessed by the Personal Assistant to the Mayor to determine eligibility and completeness.
  3. Applications that meet the eligibility requirements will be submitted to the Mayor for approval or rejection.  The Personal Assistant to the Mayor will inform applicants within 5 working days from the Mayor's decision.
  4. The Personal Assistant to the Mayor will complete funding arrangements for successful applications within 30 working days from approval date.

Applications must be submitted in writing on the application form ( PDF, 5.91 MB ), addressed to Mayor's Discretionary Fund, Financial & Grants Administration, Cairns Regional Council, PO Box 359, Cairns QLD 4870 or by email to

Last updated: 03 December 2019