Information for potential councillors

The role of a local government Councillor is a demanding one. It requires knowledge of local government systems, an interest in people and a willingness to invest time and energy in serving the needs and interests of the local community.

To support potential councillors the Department of Local Government and Planning has launched "So you want to be a councillor" - an online resource and learning tool that explains the roles and responsibilities responsibilities of a councillor and the key functions of local government in Queensland.

Guide to Local Government Act 2009 

The legislation aims to provide local governments with:

  • a simpler, principles-based approach to legislation
  • emphasis on sustainable, accountable government that uses input from the community
  • greater flexibility and easier customisation with less legislative burden
  • clearer roles and responsibilities for councillors.

Local Government Guidelines

The following resources have been developed by the department to assist local governments in implementing the Local Government Act 2009

Local Government Directory

The Queensland Local Government Directory provides contact details and locality maps for Queensland's 73 local governments.

Local government remuneration and discipline

The Remuneration and Discipline branch facilitate tribunal determinations of remuneration to be paid to Queensland mayors, deputy mayors and councillors according to established categories. The Local Government Act 2009, which came into effect on 1 July 2010 also establishes processes for dealing with allegations regarding councillors' conduct that is not in accordance with the principles and obligations set out in the Act.

Last updated: 23 March 2015