Hospital precinct parking FAQ

Why is Council creating new parking in the hospital area?

Council knows there is parking pressure in the hospital area with hospital staff, specialists, patients, visitors and residents all vying for available parking.

The new car parks and changes to some time limits will help alleviate this parking pressure by creating a better mix of short, medium and long-term parking options while encouraging greater turnover of parking in premium locations.

How many extra car parking spaces will be created?

Council will create more than 350 car parking bays over the 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years.

The final number of bays will be known after detailed design work is completed and Council has consulted with businesses and landowners who will be affected by the changes – for instance converting Kerwin Street to a one-way street.

When the 350+ car parking spaces are completed, the hospital precinct will have about:

  • 250, 3-hour paid bays
  • 600, 4-hour free bays
  • 1500, 8-hour bays

Why is Council changing how long people can park in certain areas?

The changes to time limits will provide a better mix of short, medium and long-term parking options.

In particular, most 2-hour parking spaces will be converted to 4-hour parking spaces to give people more time to visit patients at the hospitals, attend specialist appointments or access out-patient services, as well as offering an alternative parking option for some hospital shift workers.

The introduction of paid, 3-hour parking, will also encourage greater turn-over of parks in premium locations directly outside both hospitals.

Why is Council introducing 4-hour parking?

There is no 4-hour parking in the hospital precinct at the moment.

Council is converting most 2-hour parks into 4-hour parks. This will give people visiting the hospital to see patients or attending out-patient clinics or specialist appointments extra time which will alleviate the stress of having to move their car.

Some existing 8-hour car parks close to the hospitals will be converted to 4-hour car parks. Additional 8-hour car parks will be created a short walk from the hospital to cater for staff who need all-day parking.

Why is Council introducing paid parking?

Car parks immediately outside the Cairns Hospital and Cairns Private Hospital are the most highly sought after spaces in the hospital precinct. Making extra paid parking will ensure a greater turn-over of vehicles in this area.

Premium parking at Council’s off-street car park on the Esplanade opposite Cairns Hospital is currently 4-hours paid parking. This will change to 3-hours paid parking.

If people do not wish to pay for parking, free parking is still available close to both hospitals.

The car park on the Esplanade is currently 4-hours paid, why reduce it to 3-hours paid?

The time limit has been reduced to encourage a greater turn-over of car parks right outside the hospital. The change to hours also brings it in line with other premium 3-hour paid parking.

I work at one of the hospitals. Where can I park all day?

Eight-hour parking is available at the following locations in the immediate vicinity of the hospitals:

  • Lake Street between Charles Street and McKenzie Street
  • Lake Street between Gatton Street and Minnie Street
  • Grafton Street between Charles Street and McKenzie Street
  • Grafton Street between Grove Street and Minnie Street
  • Charles Street between Sheridan Street and Grafton Street
  • Upward Street between Sheridan Street and Lake Street
  • The Esplanade between McKenzie Street and Charles Street
  • The Esplanade between Upward Street and Minnie Street

Additional 8-hour parking is available north of McKenzie Street.

Cairns Hospital staff also have access to the hospital’s private car park.

When will the changes to time limits come into effect?

Changes to time limits will come into effect on 1 January 2018

Last updated: 25 October 2017