Why doesn't Council redevelop the Civic Theatre instead of pulling it down?

By building a new facility, Council gains greater certainty of cost, time and functionality.

Advice from the project architect, based in turn on specialist theatre advice, engineering and quantity survey cost controllers, was that there was no guarantee that redeveloping the existing Cairns Civic Theatre building would achieve the full functionality required.

Further, it is estimated that about 85% of the existing Cairns Civic Theatre building would have had to be carefully dismantled and associated temporary works put in place. There is also the real possibility of latent risks for both Council and the building contractor that are commonplace during the renovation of old buildings.

Considerable work would also be required to bring the 40-year-old building up to relevant building and cyclone codes.

By demolishing the existing building and starting with a clean slate, Council can deliver a purpose-built facility with all the functionality expected by local, regional, national and international performers and a greatly improved audience experience.

Last updated: 14 November 2015