Cairns Northern Cycleway

The Cairns Northern Cycleway project is nearing completion.

The final stage involves continuing the 3-metre wide pathway from the existing path on the eastern side of the Lower Freshwater Road intersection, along the Rail Line to Ryan Weare Park, where it will connect with the existing path on the western side of the Freshwater Creek bridge.

A new bridge crossing is being built within the Freshwater Creek section, as well as two new culvert crossings. As in other sections of the cycleway, fencing will be installed to separate the pathway from the rail corridor.

Vegetation removal has been limited as much as possible and replacement plantings will be undertaken wherever practical.

Works are expected to be complete by August/September 2018.

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This active travel initiative is being jointly funded by the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council.

Locality Plan

Last updated: 04 July 2018