Relocation of dog off-leash areas

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  • Location: White Rock
  • Description: Council is looking to relocate the small dog off-leash area White Rock.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 12:00am 07/05/2018 to 5:00pm 04/06/2018

Council is looking to relocate the two dog off-leash areas in White Rock.

The first is a small dog off-leash area in Khalu Park relocating to a larger and better space on Mercurio and Tiffany Streets a few hundred metres away. This will enable Khalu Park to be improved in the future to a district level standard park.

The second park is at the end of Sheehy Road, relocating to an alternative accessible space at Mundii Gunji/Minniecon Park - a few on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Last updated: 04 June 2018