Park Renaming from Dollison to Doug Alston/Guginy

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Description: Renaming of Dollison Street Drainage Reserve to Doug Alston Memorial/Guginy Park
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 12:00am 14/11/2018 to 11:59pm 03/12/2018

Council recently received a request to name the park currently known as “Dollison Street Drainage Reserve” at Dollison Street, Manunda to “Doug Alston Memorial Park / Guginy Park.”

Background/Historical Information for Request

The following information has been provided relating to Mr Alston:

  • Mr Doug Alston was born on 18 January 1910 and died in November 1997. Mr Alston was responsible for surveying most of North Queensland’s most isolated highways and byways.
  • Mr Alston purchased the land containing the park and the adjacent residential lots as a single parcel in 1942. He later surveyed the house lots and sold them off to buyers. He kept block 197-199 and resided there.
  • In 1953 he donated the park (Lot 10 RP715895) at 183 McCormack Street, Manunda to Cairns Regional Council with the intention of putting in a playground and park benches for families in the area to come and use.
  • Mr Alston was married and raised many children who he was a great role model to.  Organising this park name is a way for the children to show their gratitude for the efforts he provided to his family.

Yirrganydji Traditional Owners were consulted with respect to an appropriate name reflecting the indigenous connection to this land.  The following information was provided with respect to an indigenous name for the land:

  • “Guginy” is pronounced “Goo-gin” which means “Flying Fox”. As you would be aware there are colonies of flying foxes in the Cairns area and they are an important keystone wildlife species for spreading seeds and native trees of which there are many in this park.

Council Policy No. 1:03:04 - NAMING OF PARKS/RESERVES states that Parks may be named after:

a) Geographic features such as a nearby mountain, for example, Rainy Mountain Park, Smithfield;

b) Events or people of historic significance to Cairns, for example, Woodward Park and other pioneering families;

c) Names with cultural significance, for example, Aboriginal names like Goomboora Park in Brinsmead and Jalarra Park in Stratford;

d) Persons who have performed a significant service to the community of Cairns.  (When naming a park after a person, that person must have made some significant contribution to the community of Cairns).

Council would like to hear from local residents regarding this proposal.  Residents are asked to consider this request and lodge any feedback before Monday 3 December 2018.  Responses can be made here on Council’s “Have Your Say” web page, emailed to or phoned through to Luke Jackson on (07) 4044 3240.

Last updated: 04 December 2018