Reduction of speed limit - Oleander St

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Location: Oleander Street
  • Description: Council recommended extending the 50km/h speed zone on Oleander Street - this change is now in effect.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 9:00am 20/03/2019 to 5:00pm 05/04/2019

Cairns Regional Council wishes to advise that works to reinstate the pedestrian crossing, with compliant pram ramps and path connections, are complete on Oleander St, between Norfolk Close and Hickory St.

Australian standards direct that speed limits on the approach to a pedestrian crossing shall be 50km/h or lower. As such, Council recommends lowering the speed limit on Oleander Street to 50km/h instead of 60km/h.

As shown on the plan ( PDF, 0.15 MB ), the proposed 50km/h section would be extended to just west of Canna Street where residential properties start.

Oleander Street is currently 50km/h just east of Cassia Street therefore this change would extend the 50km/h zone for another 870 metres.

If you would like to provide feedback concerning this change or request additional information, please contact Council on 4044 3303 or email by Friday 5 April 2019.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019