Northern Beaches Leisure Trail

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  • Location: Holloways Beach and Machans Beach
  • Description: Council sought feedback on revised alignment plans through Holloways and Machans Beach.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 9:00am 30/09/2019 to 5:00pm 18/10/2019

Revised alignment through Holloways Beach and Machans Beach

Council has made changes to the proposed alignment of the Northern Beaches Leisure Trail through the suburbs of Holloways Beach and Machans Beach. Please review the revised alignment plans and provide any feedback to Council by Friday 18 October 2019.

Holloways Beach revised alignment plan
( PDF, 6.34 MB )

Machans Beach revised alignment plan
( PDF, 2.93 MB )

Revised alignment through the suburbs

The main change to the concept plan that was released last year is taking the path down Coconut St instead of along the foreshore in Holloways Beach. Whilst constructing a path along the foreshore remains the preferred alignment for the Trail, at this time Council’s primary objective is the Barr Creek crossing and local connections. The ultimate foreshore path will be re-considered as part of future stages.

It is proposed that in most places, the Trail would consist of either 2-metre or 3-metre wide concrete footpaths however there are some asphalt path sections and on-road treatments recommended in Willow St and Arnold St. These different treatments are mainly to avoid tree removal or car parking restrictions.

To allow enough room for the new footpaths, there are also some sections where the kerbing would be realigned further out into the roadway, thereby widening the verge and avoiding existing trees.

Vegetation removal has been limited as much as possible however, this is unavoidable in some places. Please refer to the alignment plans for further information. Replacement plantings would be undertaken to offset these removals. Council expects to be able to release further information regarding the Barr Creek bridge design later this year.

Treatment summaries are as follows:
Holloways Beach:
  • Oleander St (Hibiscus Lane to Poinciana St) – 2m wide concrete path and 1.5m wide asphalt path on southern end;
  • Oleander St (Poinciana St to Alamanda St) – 2m wide concrete footpath with a 1.5m wide asphalt path section behind the kerb just south of the pedestrian crossing;
  • Alamanda St (Oleander St to Cassia St) – 3m wide concrete footpath meandering through Raintree Park (connecting to Community Garden) with some line marking at the intersection of Alamanda and Cassia Streets;
  • Cassia St (Alamanda St to Coconut St) – 2m wide concrete footpath on southern side;
  • Coconut St (Cassia St to Tamarind St) – 2m wide concrete footpath on western side that crosses Zamia St with some line marking at the intersection of Coconut and Zamia Streets;
  • Tamarind St / Willow St – no changes apart from line marking at the intersection and way-finding directional signage at the end of Coconut St to direct users to Barr Creek.
Machans Beach:
  • Barr Creek to Marshall St – 3m wide asphalt path that weaves through the Air Services land west of Marshall St and connects to Arnold St – road widening at Arnold St intersection including line marking and way-finding directional signage.
  • Arnold St – road widening to allow a 3m on-road path connecting to the O’Shea Esplanade foreshore path through the existing trees and over the drainage culvert. Also includes swale drain on northern side.

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