Mill Gardens and Heritage Trail to Greenpatch

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Description: Mill Gardens Heritage Trail to Greenpatch
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 12:00pm 12/12/2019 to 11:59pm 05/01/2020

Council has developed a concept plan for a sealed heritage trail from Norman Park to Greenpatch and a new landscaped garden. The new landscaped garden is proposed to be located near the Gordonvale Railway Station and is called the “Mill Gardens”.

The proposal includes interpretive signage, new gardens, landscaping and trees, new seating and the relocation of the historic “Draper Gates” to Mill Gardens from the entry to the Mulgrave Mill.

Council has prepared concept plans for the Mill Gardens and Norman Park to Greenpatch Heritage Trail. Your feedback and constructive comments are requested by midnight Sunday 5 January 2020 and can be submitted by email to

Concept drawing of Mill Gardens entrance

The concept plans show the following:

  • Implementation of a new pedestrian pathway or 'Heritage Trail' linking Norman Park to Greenpatch. The pathway is proposed to have landscaping, seating and a range of interpretive signs showcasing the rich history of Gordonvale.
  • Development of 'Mill Gardens' which is a proposed garden located adjacent to the Gordonvale Railway Station on the south side of the station and the eastern side of Mill Street.
  • Mill Gardens are proposed to be embellished with attractive landscaping, seating, pathways, viewing area of the Mulgrave Mill and interpretive signage showcasing the history of the Mulgrave Mill and the sugar production process.
  • The Mill or Draper Gates are proposed to be relocated to Mill Gardens and will act as a prominent entry statement (and gateway) to Mill Gardens, an historic visual landmark and an entry point to the heritage trail to Greenpatch.
  • Alterations are proposed to the car parking layout opposite Saint Michael's School and to the boundaries of the adjacent Queensland Rail land in order to accommodate the heritage trail.
  • Works are proposed for the intersection of Mill Street and Church Street to connect Norman Park and the town to Mill Gardens and the Heritage Trail. This is proposed to be achieved with treatments including attractive landscaping, new linking pathways, corner kick outs and crossings.

Should you have any further enquiries or require additional information, please contact Council’s Parks and Natural Resources Strategic Planner, Luke Jackson, on the above phone number.

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Last updated: 06 January 2020