Kamerunga and Redlynch Intake Roads - Intersection Safety Upgrade

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Location: Redlynch Village
  • Description: Seeking feedback regarding the concept design of this intersection and bus stop usage in the area
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 7:00am 26/07/2018 to 11:59pm 10/08/2018
  • Contact: feedback@cairns.qld.gov.au or 4044 3303

The consultation is now closed

Thank you for providing your feedback about the safety upgrade for the Kamerunga Road and Redlynch Intake Road intersection and participating in the consultation process.

We heard that the majority of businesses, local residents and frequent users supported the need to improve safety at this intersection, but did not support the installation of traffic signals or the left-turn only out of Margaret Street.

The personal experiences and observations that we received have provided valuable insight into the project’s development.  Our team is using the feedback to progress the planning and inform the final design of the intersection upgrade. They are exploring alternative and viable options that don’t involve the installation of signals nor limit the turning movements out of Margaret Street.

Thanks again for contributing.


An upgrade is planned for this intersection in order to address peak hour traffic congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Concept design

The upgrade will improve traffic flow, reduce traffic delays, and provide safe, controlled gaps in traffic for motorists entering the intersection.  The works will also provide controlled pedestrian crossings across Kamerunga Road and Redlynch Intake Road and bicycle lanes at the intersection.

The proposed configuration includes:

  • installation of traffic signals, including signalised pedestrian crossings
  • introduction of a left-turn only lane from Margaret Street on to Redlynch Intake Road, which will assist in maintaining traffic flow at the intersection
  • construction of a new section of footpath on Kamerunga Road, from the intersection to the bus stop
  • introduction of on-road cycle lanes
  • upgrade of current street lighting
  • introduction of right-turn lane from Redlynch Intake Road on to Tenni Street
  • installation of new line markings, kerbing and median islands
  • loss of some car parking bays.

Download the concept design plan ( DOCX, 0.86 MB ).


Construction is preliminary scheduled for approximately three to four months in early to mid-2019, dependent on final design.

Bus stop usage and locations

As part of this project, we are also assessing the bus stop usage and locations in the area. Due to constrained road reserves at (and near) the Redlynch Intake Road and Kamerunga Road intersection, it is proposed to remove the ‘Hail n Ride’ locations near the intersection and provide new stops where it is safe for buses to stop.

Current bus stop services

Currently there are two bus stops with shelters in the Redlynch Village locality:

  • Kamerunga Road, adjacent to the old Redlynch railway station, opposite the Red Beret
  • On the northbound side of Redlynch Intake Road near Short Street, approximately 200 metres from Kamerunga Road

There are also three ‘Hail n Ride’ locations in the area.  A bus can only stop in these locations if safe and traffic conditions permit.

Proposed bus stop services

It is proposed that the current bus stops are maintained with three new bus stop locations to replace the three ‘Hail n Ride’ locations:

  • A formalised stop on the southbound side of Redlynch Intake Road near Short Street to serve the residential care facility and the local residential catchment (this is a current ‘hail n ride’ location)
  • A new pair of bus stops at the Daphne Street/Tyson Place roundabout and Fairweather Road, to serve the local residential catchment

Download the current and proposed bus stop locations map ( DOC, 2.89 MB ).

Submit your feedback

To inform the final design of the intersection upgrade and the new bus stop locations, we are seeking your feedback and comments.

Email feedback@cairns.qld.gov.au or call 4044 3303

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Last updated: 27 August 2018