McFarlane Drive

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Location: McFarlane Drive, Kanimbla
  • Description: Council asked residents to have their say about whether McFarlane Drive should remain open or be closed again.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 7:00am 14/06/2019 to 5:00pm 19/07/2019

Council has reviewed all feedback and McFarlane Drive will remain open. The majority of of respondents were in favour of keeping the road open (64%), with 32% preferring the road to be closed again. The remaining 4% of respondents who provided feedback did not state a preference.

Residents reported the need for ongoing traffic monitoring and the introduction of safety improvements. As such, in the short term, Council will be undertaking the following safety measures from Monday 19 August:

  • Line marking on the edge and the centre of the roadway, similar to the section of McFarlane Drive south of Harrison Close; and
  • Installation of a Stop sign at the intersection of McFarlane Drive and Lake Morris Road.

Council will also continue to regularly monitor traffic and will investigate further safety measures such as:

  • Additional footpaths
  • Improved lighting
  • Local area traffic calming.

This decision is supported by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Council agreed to temporarily open McFarlane Drive while roadworks were in progress on the Cairns Western Arterial Road.

Council has, and continues to receive, requests for and against the opening of this road.

The road has been built as a connecting road, with the intention of opening it in the future. As such, Council would like to ask all residents on McFarlane Drive, and in the local area, to have their say about whether McFarlane Drive should remain open or be closed again.

Last updated: 09 October 2019