Draft Economic Development Strategy

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  • Description: The strategy outlines the 10 key action areas Council will focus on to deliver a strong, diversified and resilient economy for the Cairns region.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 9:30am 28/03/2018 to 5:00pm 17/04/2018

The Draft Cairns Regional Council Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022 sets out how Council will deliver on its strategic objective of a strong, diversified and resilient regional economy that supports the growth of new and existing industry, business activities and provides long-term employment opportunities.

The strategy identifies the 10 key actions that will be underpin the achievement of this objective:

  • Preservation, Conservation & Promotion – promote Cairns as one of Australia’s most desirable places to live, visit and do business and preserve and conserve the natural assets that underpin our economy and lifestyle.
  • Trade & Investment – Undertake and actively participate in, activities that will attract trade and investment.
  • Events – Facilitate and support the attraction of events and performances that bring economic and social benefits to the community.
  • Resources –Facilitate business and community access to relevant economic information and resources to assist business and industry development.
  • Development & Diversification – Support industry development and economic diversification.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Foster and support innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Shared Vision – Develop a shared vision and strategic framework for Cairns which can be used as a foundation for advocacy initiatives and collaboration.
  • Government Relations – Undertake direct advocacy activities in support of economic development.
  • Collaboration – Foster a collaborative working relationship between agencies and stakeholders involved in the delivery of economic development activities.
  • Targeted Activities – Undertake targeted and specific economic development activities in priority areas.

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Last updated: 17 April 2018