Crystal Cascades Improvement Plan

This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback.
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  • Description: Council is seeking feedback on proposed improvements to Crystal Cascades.
  • Status: Closed
  • Consultation period: 12:00am 07/05/2019 to 12:00am 31/05/2019

Crystal Cascades is one of the most iconic natural swimming areas within close proximity to Cairns. The area offers multiple recreation opportunities including swimming, walking, nature observation and picnic facilities. Crystal Cascades provides one of the few crocodile and stinger free, fresh water swimming options for tourists and residents in Cairns. Because of this, the area experiences very high visitation that has been increasing in recent years.

The infrastructure at the site is ageing and is no longer able to meet the volume, recreational needs and expectations of visitors.

Council proposes to undertake improvements to Crystal Cascades as outlined below and in the improvement plan.

  • Upgrade to the entry experience to provide improved welcome and site signage, entry statement and gating,
  • Revised car parking layout and expansion to enable faster circulation and turnover of vehicles through the site, extra car parking and new bus parking areas,
  • Extension to the amenities block to include change rooms and CCTV,
  • New pathways directly linking the entrance to the amenities block and new car parking/bus lay down area,
  • Provision of new site amenities to replace existing old ones. This will include new shelters, seating, picnic tables, BBQs, bins and bubblers,
  • New landscaping at the entry and car parking areas to improve sight lines and provide a highly aesthetic entry space,
  • New boardwalk and viewing deck at the lower section of the site to provide visitors a more accessible viewing opportunity close to the carpark.  This is intended to enable people to visit and experience the site without needing to walk lengthy distances and hence improve turnover in the carpark by reducing visiting times by some groups.  This also provides inclusiveness for groups who presently have difficulty or can’t access the viewing areas located farther away from the car park.

Consultation on this stage of the project is now closed. If you would like further information on this project please email

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Last updated: 10 June 2019