Cairns Botanic Gardens earn Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Consistently positive reviews from visitors have earned the Cairns Botanic Gardens a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

The living museum, which houses more than 4000 species of tropical plants of both native and exotic origins, also features in Trip Advisor's "One Day in Cairns" guide.

Admission to the facility is free and most walkways are wheelchair accessible. The Flecker Garden gates are open between 7:30am and 5:30pm daily, and the Botanic Gardens Visitor Information Centre is open from 10:30am to 3pm each day.

Recent Trip Advisor comments include:

  • "What a great, beautiful place (nice cafe too!)" - reviewed 8 July 2015
    I normally do like Botanic Gardens, but this one was particularly lovely...The part that took my breath away was the boardwalks through the rainforest.
  • "Gorgeous attraction/ must see in Cairns!" - reviewed 8 July 2015
    Beautiful lush gardens with lots of walking trails, boardwalks, lakes, interesting plants grouped together in their families e.g. Bamboo. Lots of shade also. Loved the amazing tropical variety - a photographers delight! A great way to get fit and spend time with family and friends.
  • "Glorious tropicana" - reviewed 8 July 2015
    The botanical gardens abundance of color tryly (sic) allows the travellwr (sic) an introduction to the abundance of tropical plants..a must see is those cheeky and frivolous orchids!!!!
  • "Take some time to see God's marvels" - reviewed 8 July 2015
    this is the most beautiful place in north Queensland besides the reef. you can just wander and spend the day marvelling at the creations of colour, shape and size.
  • "Fantastic Plants, Good One ! . Yes Go !" - reviewed 8 July 2015
    The Boatanic (sic) Gardens here in Cairns is simply great, well worth a visit , the range of Plants , Shrubs & Trees are very good indeed, I loved it, very relaxing.
Last updated: 09 July 2015