Conservatory roof commended

The unique shade structure at the Cairns Botanic Gardens Conservatory was announced as winner of a Special Commendation Award of Excellence at the 2016 Specialised Textiles National Awards.

The project has created a stunning modern structure, architecturally based on the concept of the Licuala leaf which is prevalent in the surrounding gardens.

Cairns company, Sail Structures Pty Ltd, received the award for their work in designing and delivering a unique and completely sealable solution to protect the plants and wildlife housed in the Conservatory building.

The Special Commendation recognises that this type of design in fabric has never been created before.

The Specialised Textiles National Awards featured entries over 60 entries from throughout Australia and overseas. They are judged on overall complexity of the design and finished project details.

Last updated: 29 July 2016