ECOfiesta Stallholder Application

Please familiarise yourself with the ECOfiesta Exhibitor and Vendor Terms and Conditions

Complete the form below to apply for a stall at ECOfiesta 2018, Sunday 3rd June at the Cruise Liner Terminal.  Apply early as spaces are limited. Once you have completed the form below, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received. If you do not receive this email please contact:

Once all applications are assessed, you will be notified via email, with an online link to stall payment for successful applicants.

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Exhibit details

(brief description of what you intend to exhibit including any merchandise for sale or give-away. Activities and product samples are encouraged for customer engagement.)
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Indoor exhibition space: Stall = 1.8m frontage with table + chair provided. Double stall = 3.6m frontage with 2 tables + 2 chairs provided.

Please insert the name on the credit card that will be used for stall payment. Non-profits insert N/A into this section.

Public Liability details:

At the time of ECOfiesta (3 June 2018), will you have current and applicable PL insurance exceeding $20 million?
All stallholders must have current and applicable Public Liability (PL) insurance for Cairns ECOfiesta.
If no, Council has made arrangements through its insurer for temporary PL coverage for non-insured stallholders for a $30 fee. Do you wish to apply for this one-off cover?
Public Liability insurance is compulsory for all stall holders. If you tick 'no' to both questions above, your application will be unsuccessful.

Terms and conditions

* I confirm I have read and understand the ECOfiesta Exhibitor terms and conditions.
Last updated: 05 February 2018