There are local groups active in the Cairns region with regular opportunities to get involved:

Citizen Science

Citizen science is a way to contribute to the monitoring and management of our natural areas. There are many programs in the Cairns region including:

  • Eye on the Reef: A reef health monitoring program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
  • Mangrove Watch: Monitors mangroves because healthy mangroves support a healthy reef. To join others on the water, contact the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre.
  • Frog Id: Australia’s first national frog count in an app that records frog calls.
  • Australian Marine Debris Database: A database for submitting information on litter that is found at local Clean Ups, contributing to research and education for improved litter management.
  • Feather Map of Australia: The national effort to capture a map of bird species by collecting and sending in feathers found in local wetlands.
  • Feral Scan: A way to map sightings of pest animal species in your area to assist control efforts.
Last updated: 15 December 2017