Walking your dog safely


Hello my name is Rob, today I will be sharing with you some tips and tricks on how to walk your dog safely. Not only is it good exercise it relieves boredom that can lead to anti-social behaviour such as excessive barking and wandering.

First and most important, have your dog on a leash. It doesn’t matter how far you are going, even if it is just to your car. You must have your pooch on its lead whenever you leave the property.

You need a lead that is suitable for your dog. A thick lead with a heavier clasp that can withstand a bit of pressure is good for big dogs. While smaller dogs need a lead and a clasp that is strong but won't weight the dog down.

When you clip your leash to your dog's collar, give it a tug to make sure it is attached properly.

Before you leave home grab a bag to pick up your dog's poo, some water and treats.

Having your dog on a lead is pointless if you can't control your pet. When walking your dog you must also have effective control. This means being strong enough to restrain your dog and using voice or hand commands to keep him under control.

Most people don't think their dog would ever hurt anyone or run away from their owner. But dogs are social animals and like to explore and can be spooked or scared. This is when having a firm grip on your lead and effective control is most important.

Dogs are generally welcome anywhere in Cairns, but there are a few exceptions:

  • In the CBD
  • On the beaches between the flags or inside the stinger nets; and
  • On sporting grounds.

So look for the signs.

Scoop the poop!

It might be part of life but no one wants to step in your dog's droppings. Failing to pick up your dog's faeces will not only annoy your neighbours it can earn you a fine. Poo bags are available at most dog off leash areas, but a plastic shopping bag is just as good.

Don't forget your walk isn't finished until your dog is safely at home behind closed gates.

Last updated: 08 August 2016