Enjoy an outing to the Esplanade


Hello. My name's Tina.

The Cairns Esplanade is a pleasant place for a stroll or a jog with your dog.

It's also popular for barbecues, work outs, bike rides and even a swim.

To make sure people and animals get along, it's important to follow a few rules.

Not many people are aware that there is a dog off-leash area at the northern part of the Esplanade. It's near the Lily Street intersection stretching from Coconut Grove to north Cairns reserve.

This is a great area for people in the North Cairns area, and especially those living in the CBD to exercise their pets. It's the only place on the Esplanade where dogs can be off lead.

The esplanade has a lot of wide green shady areas and paths where you are welcome to walk your dog provided it is on a leash. However there are a few exceptions:

  • Near the Funship Playground
  • Muddy's Playground
  • The Skate Park
  • Volleyball courts
  • Green gyms
  • Bouldering Park; and
  • The Lagoon

Dogs are strictly prohibited from the Lagoon swimming pool and immediate surrounds. The prohibited area includes Fogarty Park, the Southern Esplanade Car Park and lawned areas on either side of the Lagoon.

If you are unsure where you and your dog can take a stroll, use common sense. If it attracts a lot of people it's probably out of bounds.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Esplanade with your pet. And don't forget to scoop the poop.

Last updated: 08 December 2016