Dog off-leash areas

Cairns has 51 areas that are specifically allocated for exercising and socialising your dog off lead, called off-leash areas.

You can find the nearest off-leash area to your home in the table below or from Council's Register of  Dog Off-Leash Areas ( PDF, 3.66 MB ).

You can also search for a dog off-leash area on the My Cairns app.

Your responsibilities

It's important to remember a few rules when using Council's off-leash areas.

  • Have your dog on a leash when travelling to or from a dog off-leash area
  • Have your dog under effective control (hand or voice command) at ALL times
  • Have your lead ready so you can react quickly if there is a problem
  • Follow any direction from an authorised Council officer regarding your dog
  • And scoop your poop

Dogs that have been declared dangerous or menacing, or a prescribed breed, are not allowed in dog off-leash areas.

This video by our Animal Management team at the bottom of this page provides some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your visit to a dog off-leash area.


Aeroglen (fenced)

Aeroglen Drive, Aeroglen

Part of the southern end of Touch Park between the southern boundary of the sporting fields and the southern side of the park between Aeroglen Drive and the mangrove lined creek to the west.


Greenbank Road, Aeroglen

Paterson Park on the northern side of Greenbank Road and the western side of Arnold Street.


Harwood Drive, Babinda

Northern part of Carl Mellick Park located at the western end of Harwood Drive.

Bayview Heights

Fairview Street, Bayview Heights

Part of Arthur Forno Park, at the western end near the Vista Street entrance to the park and behind houses in Vista Street, Fiesta Close and Flamenco Close.

Bayview Heights

Corner of Anderson Road and Fairview Streets.

Ben Wilson Park and part of adjacent drainage reserve.

Bentley Park

Robert Road, Bentley Park

Part of Robert Road Drainage Reserve, Robert Road, Bentley Park on the southern side of Robert Road adjacent to the creek.

Bramston Beach

Bramston Beach Esplanade

The area of beach commencing 100 metres south of the stinger net and extending to the southern end of the beach.

Bramston Beach

Bramston Beach Esplanade

The area of beach commencing at the northern end of the caravan park and extending northward.


Shale Street, Brinsmead

The area to the north of the central internal access in Goomboora park.

Buchans Point

Beach Esplanade

From the rocks at the southern end of the beach to the first car park to the north.

Bungalow (fenced)

43-49 Scott Street, Bungalow

Part of Little Barlow Park

Caravonica (fenced)

Access via Lake Placid Road, Caravonica and Impey Street, Caravonica

The northern part of Barron Waters/Burrawungal Park, Lake Placid Road, Caravonica and the whole of Impey Reserve, on the eastern side of Impey Street located behind the houses fronting Impey Street.

Clifton Beach

Saxon Street, Clifton Beach

Part of parkland in Eddy Street, Clifton Beach between Eddy Street and the rear of houses in Escape Close for a distance of 50 metres from houses in Eddy Street and east towards Saxon Street.

Clifton Beach

Upolo Esplanade

The area of beach from the northern end of Upolu Esplanade north towards Palm Cove and finishing 150 metres south of Veivers Road, Palm Cove.

Clifton Beach

Upolo Esplanade

The southern end of Clifton Beach between the southern end of Arlington Esplanade and to the north of Kewarra Street, Kewarra Beach.

Clifton Beach

Evergreen Road, Clifton Beach

Whole of Evergreen Park on the southern side of Evergreen Road and Western Side of Captain Cook Highway.


Corner Mulgrave Road and Henley Street, Earlville

Part of Lions Park at Henley Street, Earlville from the dividing posts on the western side to the toilet block, west to the dividing posts at the tennis club end.

Earlville (fenced)

De Jarlais St, Earlville

Part of Henley’s Hill Park covering the fenced dog exercise area to the west of De Jarlais St and to the south of the car park entry point off De Jarlais Street.


Accatino Close, Edmonton

McKinnon Creek Detention Basin at Isabella Estate.


Trojan Street, Edmonton

Part of Carne Park, Trojan Street, Edmonton being on the eastern side of the Trojan Street entrance to the edge of the creek bed.

Edmonton (fenced)

Wolff Street, Edmonton

Part of Fuller Park covering the south-western side of the park.

Ellis Beach

Beach Esplanade

From rocks at the southern end of the beach for a distance of 450 metres to the north (adjacent to the car park).


19-23 Klarwein Close, Gordonvale

Part of Howard Bailey Park at the end of Klarwein Close being on the Western side of the Klarwein Street entrance and behind houses in Highleigh Road and bounded by the drain at the rear.

Holloways Beach

Beach Esplanade

Beach at the northern end of Holloways Beach fronting Casuarina Street and north of Luke Street.

Holloways Beach

Beach Esplanade

Southern end of Holloways Beach between Tamarind Street and Magnolia Street.


Tanganelli, Yellowfin and Sweetlip Close, Kanimbla.

Part of Robson St Drainage Reserve, Kanimbla on the southern side of Hymes Street, Yellowfin Close and Sweetlip Close behind the dwellings, the northern side of Tanganelli Close behind the dwellings and west of the cane rail line.

Kewarra Beach

Beach Esplanade

The area of beach commencing 100 metres south of the stinger net and continuing to the rocks at Taylor Point.

Kewarra Beach (fenced)

Nova Street, Kewarra Beach

Part of Nova Street Park and Sunbird Park, Kewarra Beach on the southern side of Nova Street and the northern side of Nova Street Drain, between the two pedestrian pathways that bisect the park.

Machans Beach

Beach Esplanade

Southern end of Machans Beach south of Cinderella Street to the Barron River.


1-11 English Street, Manunda

Part of Harald Falge Park being the area between McCormack Street and drain.

Manunda (fenced)

17 Kiernan Street, Manunda

Parkland situated in Card Avenue, Manunda between houses in Card Avenue and behind houses in Barlow Street


2 Carnation Drive, Mooroobool

Irene Street Flood Plain B – North of Langan Street, east of Irene Street, west of Carnation Drive and south of Marigold Close.

Mt Sheridan

Melia Close, Mount Sheridan

Sawpit Gully Detention Basin at Forest Gardens.

Mt Sheridan

9-35 Trafalgar Road, Mt Sheridan

Trafalgar Detention Basin and Balmoral Close Park from the south of Trafalgar Road to the creek to the south and from Idalia Road to the property boundary to the west.

Mt Sheridan

George Cannon Drive, Mt Sheridan

Detention basin in George Cannon Drive Park south and east of Forest Gardens Boulevard, north of George Cannon Drive and west of Des Chalmers Drive.

North Cairns

320-354 Lake Street, Cairns North

Parkland at the northern end of the Esplanade between Smith and Lily Streets and bounded by the mangroves to the east and the Esplanade to the west.

Palm Cove

Beach Esplanade

The area of beach between the Palm Cove jetty and the rocks on the northern side.

Palm Cove (fenced)

Osterlind Street, Palm Cove

Part of Silver Crescent Park, Palm Cove located to the east of the pedestrian pathway and to the northeast of Osterlind Crescent.

Redlynch (fenced)

Gamburra Drive, Redlynch

Part of Gamburra Drive Park, located on the northern side of Huntley Crescent and the western side of Gamburra Drive, Redlynch east of the BMX jumps and the creek.


184-190 Harvey Road, Redlynch

Portion of parkland off Harvey Road, Redlynch being at the railway line end of the parkland and behind houses in Ficus Close.

Smithfield (fenced)

Survey Street, Smithfield

Part of Rainy Mountain Park in Cumberland Avenue covering the northern end of the park behind houses in Survey Street and the fenced dog exercise area.

Trinity Beach

Beach Esplanade

The beach from the northern end of Vasey Esplanade north to the rocks.

Trinity Beach

Beach Esplanade

The beach at the southern end of Trinity Beach to the south of Peacock Street.

Trinity Park

Beach Esplanade

Half Moon Bay beach, Trinity Park to the south of the car park entrance.


Lyons and Brown Sts

Closed Road Reserve Mann Street between Lyons and Brown Streets.

White Rock (fenced)

Mercurio Street, White Rock

Part of Mercurio Street Park, White Rock, located on the western side of Mercurio Street and directly south of the stormwater drain.


19-63 McManus Street, Whitfield

Engineers Park on the corner of Bott and McManus Streets, Whitfield behind houses in Bott Street, Prescott Street and Neeve Close.


181-217 McManus Street, Whitfield

Bunny Jarrett Park on the northern side of the drainage easement and creek at the corner of McManus and Bolton Streets, Whitfield and behind houses in McManus Street and Murchison Street


237C McManus Street Whitfield

Colin Penridge Park located to the north of Murchison Street and west of McManus Street and Hillview Crescent.


28-32 Anderson Road Woree

Port of Hussey Park off Loretta Close, Woree being the eastern end of the park adjacent to Loretta Street and behind houses in Karen Close and Carmel Close.

Yorkeys Knob

Beach Esplanade

The southern end of Yorkeys Knob beach south of the corner of Sims Esplanade and Kempton Street.

Last updated: 07 January 2021