Dog registration renewal by email

It's easy and convenient to receive your dog registration renewal notice direct to your email inbox. Simply register below to opt-in to receive your notices through email.

To complete your registration please enter your dog or dogs' details and your email address below. Once you have submitted your details you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Note:  Council now issues lifetime tags.  Renewal notices will be issued each year but you will not receive a new tag or registration certificate on renewal.  Please continue to use your green lifetime tag for the life of your animal.  Tags will only be replaced on request.

Council's new e-service delivers both environmental and financial benefits:

  • reduces our carbon footprint
  • customers can easily access, pay, print and reprint notices wherever they are
  • allows for convenient electronic storage
  • prompt delivery and earlier notice – faster than standard mail
  • cost savings through reduced paper, printing, envelopes and postage

Terms and conditions

By opting in to receive your registration notice by email, you:

  • Confirm that you are the registered owner of the dog or dogs
  • Agree to receive all future dog registration renewal notices as a PDF sent to the email address provided
  • Confirm you have read Council's Privacy Statement, which outlines how your personal details will be used

If you have any questions about receiving your dog registration renewal via email please contact Customer Service on 4044 3044.

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Last updated: 04 September 2018