Are you a responsible dog owner?

As a responsible dog owner you have an obligation to care for the health and well-being of your animal. Dogs can provide great joy and companionship but it does come with responsibility. You have a duty to ensure your dog's behaviours do not affect your neighbours or the community.

The first step in responsible dog ownership is choosing the animal that best complements your family and your lifestyle.  Where you live, the breed and size of the dog should all be factors you consider before welcoming a new dog into your home.

Responsible dog ownership

Information about dog exercise areas, dog off-leash areas, areas where animals are prohibited, barking dogs, nuisance animals, and backyard breeding of animals including cats and dogs. More

Dog attacks

If you or your animal/s has been attacked by a dog ring Council immediately on 4044 3044. The sooner we know of an incident the sooner we can secure the dog and gather evidence for a thorough investigation. More

Barking dogs

Information on nuisance barking, including tips to reduce barking, what Council does when we receive a complaint and how you can help to establish barking is unreasonable. More

Dog registration & renewals

Your dog registration fees help cover the cost of animal management services and facilities, such as dog patrols, community education, complaint investigation, dog exercise areas and running of Council's pound. More

Regulated dogs

Dogs that are considered dangerous because they have a history of attacking other animals or people, or are a breed considered to be more likely to hurt others, require a Council permit with strict conditions on how they should be kept. More

Tips and tricks for dog owners

Cairns Regional Council's Animal Management Team have put together some short tips and tricks videos for being out and about in public with your pooch. More

Dog audit

Cairns Regional Council is conducting an audit for up to 6 months, starting 3 September 2018, to check for unregistered dogs. Register now to avoid a $261 fine. More

Last updated: 22 February 2016