Responsible cat ownership

As a responsible cat owner you have an obligation to care for the health and well-being of your animal. Cats can provide great joy and companionship but it does come with responsibility. You have a duty to ensure your cat's activities do not interfere with your neighbours or the environment.

Responsible cat owners:

  • Desex their cat
  • Provide their cat with sufficient food and water
  • Play with their cat daily
  • Provide toys and a scratching post

Responsible cat owners have a legal requirement to:

  • Register their cat
  • Microchip their cat
  • Keep cats confined within their property – even at night

Register your cat online

Contain your cat safely

Although cats are wonderful companions and easily fit into domestic life, they are predators by nature and will go looking for mates, defend territory and hunt wildlife outdoors. Wandering cats are also at risk of injury from cat-fights, dogs, snakes, ticks or being hit by a car.

There are many options available to keep your cat contained to your property:

  • Contain your cat inside your home - most cats adjust quickly and are content to stay indoors. Remember to provide your cat with its own dedicated area, toys and climbing equipment.
  • Modify existing fencing to make it 'cat proof' – give your cat access to the whole yard and know that it is safely contained to your property.
  • Build an enclosure attached to your house – this will allow your cat to come in and out.
  • A free standing enclosure – tailor make your enclosure to suit the needs of your cat.

Roaming complaints

In the first instance, we encourage neighbours to discuss and attempt to resolve neighbourhood conflicts, including wandering pets. It is common that owners are unaware of the nuisance their animal/s are causing.

If you are not comfortable talking to your neighbour or you don't know where the animal lives, contact Council on 4044 3044. We can potentially:

  • Capture and impound the cat or dog incurring impound fees
  • Issue fines
  • Issue a compliance notice to the owner to contain the animal securely.

You can report a wandering animal by phone on 1300 69 22 47, in person at Council's Customer Service Centres or online.

Last updated: 13 October 2017