Light & odours


Council investigates complaints about light that is emitted from luminous advertising signs and private property such as flood lights or sensor lights.

Ways you can reduce light emissions include:

  • consider the location of light installation
  • investigate appropriate barriers or lamps 
  • use low voltage bulbs 
  • install a timer for outdoor lighting requirements


When investigating an odour complaint, Council considers the:

  • amount of odour being emitted
  • duration and rate of emission and the odours characteristics and qualities
  • sensitivity of the environment into which the odour is being emitted and the potential impact 
  • the view of other neighbours or complainants

Ways you can reduce odour emissions include:

  • keep your property tidy and don't allow vegetation or rubbish to accumulate
  • consider weather conditions before starting work that will create odour, for example when using fertiliser 
  • enclose or cover compost bins and piles of vegetation
Last updated: 20 September 2016