What is nuisance barking?

Different people have different tolerance levels for barking. What one person considers a nuisance may not disturb someone else. Council has therefore defined nuisance barking in its Local Laws to include:

Barking noise that disrupts or inhibits an activity ordinarily carried out on adjoining or nearby residential premises, such as holding a conversation or sleeping.

Under the Local Laws, the keeper of a dog must ensure that the dog does not cause an unreasonable nuisance.

Some of the criteria that Council will consider when deciding whether a nuisance is unreasonable include:

  1. The number and location of complaints received
  2. The duration of the noise:
    1. more than 5 minutes in any 30 minute period between 10pm and 7am the next morning
    2. more than 10 minutes in any hour between 7am and 10pm that day.

We can only take action once it is established a barking noise is unreasonable.

Last updated: 21 November 2017