Animal complaints

Council receives over 8,000 animal-related complaints each year.

  • 1800 animals are impounded each year, mostly for wandering at large
  • 450 people annually report a dog rushing out and acting aggressively
  • 500 people report a dog attack
  • 1460 people report complaints of barking dogs
  • 1650 people report complaints of wandering dogs
Dog attacks

If you or your animal/s has been attacked by a dog ring Council immediately on 4044 3044. The sooner we know of an incident the sooner we can secure the dog and gather evidence for a thorough investigation. More

Wandering cat or dog

Wandering or straying animals are more likely to attack other animals and wildlife or be injured themselves, and are frequently the cause of neighbourhood disputes. Fines can be issued for allowing to your pet to wander. More

Deceased animals

Council or the EPA are responsible for removing deceased animals from public land and waterway. We can advise you of service providers who can handle removal of deceased animals from your property. More

Barking dogs

Information on nuisance barking, including tips to reduce barking, what Council does when we receive a complaint and how you can help to establish barking is unreasonable. More

Last updated: 03 January 2018