Abandoned vehicles

Council receives numerous complaints regarding abandoned vehicles.

If, after investigating a complaint, Council reasonably believes the vehicle is abandoned we place a notice on the vehicle asking the owner to contact Council within 48 hours.

If no contact is made the vehicle will be towed and impounded and if not claimed offered for sale at auction.

You can report an abandoned vehicle online (choose Other Council Matters) or by ringing Council on 1300 69 22 47.

Collecting an impounded vehicle

To collect an impounded vehicle, the owner must provide proof of ownership (eg registration papers) and proof of identity (eg driver's licence or similar photo ID), and pay the cost of removing and storing the vehicle.

Owners must make an appointment with Council's Pound Officer to arrange to pick up the vehicle.

If you are collecting an unregistered vehicle you must arrange a tow truck or similar at your on expense.

Council is not liable for any theft from, or damage to, a vehicle that has been impounded.

You can apply to Council to waive your impound fees.

Auction of abandoned vehicles

Auctions of unclaimed abandoned vehicles are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Upcoming auctions and a list of vehicles are advertised on Council's Public Notices webpage and in The Cairns Post on the Saturday prior to auction date.

Please note: The next scheduled auction will be 6 November 2018.

Last updated: 24 September 2018