Neighbourhood nuisances

From abandoned trolleys, noisy neighbours, dust, smoke or mice, neighbourhood nuisances make up a large proportion of calls to Council. These pages provide information on what Council can do to help you, what your responsibilities are and tips and tricks to minimise nuisances.

Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned cars are sold at auction unless the owner removes the vehicle. More

Animal complaints

Council receives thousands of animal-related complaints each year. Many can be avoided through responsible pet ownership. More

Backyard fires (smoke & fumes)

You may not burn-off, or light a fire on your property without a permit from the fire service. More

Illegal camping

Camping is not permitted on roadsides or other designated Council controlled areas in Cairns. This includes staying overnight in campervans, RVs, tents, hammocks and swags. More


Dust can not only be a nuisance to neighbours, but if severe enough can also cause damage to property and affect people's health. More

Litter and dumping

Litter and dumping not only impacts the look of our City but can have significant safety, health, economic and environmental impacts. More


Council's Vector Control Unit works to reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and midges in residential areas and assists in limiting the spread of vector-borne diseases such as Dengue Fever. More


Council and the state government set acceptable noise levels for activities and machinery such as lawn mowing, musical performances, air conditions and power motors. More

Rats and mice

Information and advice on dealing with rats, mice and vermin on your property. More

Roadside car sales

Cars offered for sale on Council land, including on-street car parks, can cause a hazard and are not allowed. More

Shopping trolleys

Abandoned trolleys can be dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles and cause major damage to drains and waterways. More

Trees & vegetation

Trees and other vegetation encroaching on neighbouring properties is a major cause of neighbourhood disputes. More

Light & odours

Information on investigation of light and odour issues. More

Last updated: 31 March 2015