Myna birds

Get involved

If Myna birds are a pest around your home, the Cairns Remove Indian Mynas (CRIMs) group and Cairns Men's shed build and sell Indian Myna bird traps to the public. For a small cost, these traps can assist in humanely managing Indian Myna bird populations.

Further information on traps is available on the CRIMS facebook and website.

Why are they pests?

Indian Myna birds were imported into Australia in the 1860s and introduced to Townsville, Ingham and Innisfail to control insects in cane and other crops. Before long, their population had increased dramatically and moved north to the Cairns region.

They are now considered to be pests in Queensland and the Cairns Regional Council local government area. Council relies on the support of community groups and private landholders in the management and eradication of this class of pest.

More information on pest management responsibility can be found in Council's Pest Management Plan. ( PDF, 1.22 MB )

Last updated: 06 September 2018