Vegetation Protection

Vegetation Protection

The aims of these instruments are to protect vegetation from inappropriate damage, protect significant trees, and to maintain, protect and enhance the regions biodiversity, ecological values, habitat values, landscape character, cultural heritage and amenity. Using a table of assessment, residents can often determine themselves whether a permit will be required to carry out vegetation damage.

Please see CairnsPlan Amendments for vegetation management

Vegetation Conservation Significant Waterways Overlay

The Overlay identifies premises that have vegetation conservation values and significant waterways. Attributes can include presence of rare or threatened plants species, vegetation types that have regional significance, areas of vegetation that have structural integrity and connectivity to other areas, and vegetation that performs as a corridor or forms an important part of a catchment.

To find out if your property is affected by the Overlay, see the following link: Maps, Overlays and Assessment Tables

Click on the appropriate district link and at the bottom of the list of overlays (maps), you will find the Vegetation Conservation Overlay. Find your property and if it is affected by the Overlay, you will need to apply to Council for an Operational Works Permit to remove any protected vegetation.

There are exemptions where a permit is not required, but it is best to speak to a Council Officer to determine if you will be required to apply. For more information, please contact Council’s Environment Officer in Development Assessment on 4044 3044.

Last updated: 14 January 2016