Council's Storm Tide Evacuation Maps have been produced for the information of residents of the Cairns region for the purposes of personal disaster planning in terms of level of risk and threat assessment from storm tide inundation.

Users of the information displayed in this disaster management mapping service, should review the maps to ascertain the applicability of the information in relation to their individual risk exposure and any official evacuation advice.

Storm tides will be accompanied by gale force winds, with successive waves of seawater rapidly moving across the foreshore. Trees, building material and other debris may be carried along by the storm tide.

An evacuation must occur prior to the storm tide event. Inundation from storm tide is not comparable to riverine flooding. For detailed river or urban drainage flooding information for a particular property, residents can obtain flood zone information about their property by requesting and paying for a land record search.

Evacuation Routes and Maps

MAP 4-301 Overview - Trinity Inlet to Bramston Beach (574.8 KB)

MAP 4-301 - Aloomba, Fishery Falls, Deeral, Bellenden Ker, East Russell, Wooroonooran, Babinda, Mirriwinni, Bramston Beach, Eubenangee. 

MAP 4-302 Deeral to Mirriwinni (267.5 KB)

MAP 4-302 - East Russell, Bellenden Ker, Deeral. 

MAP 4-303 Bramston Beach (200.7 KB)

MAP 4-303 - Bramston Beach, Eubenangee, East Russell.