Your children and flying-foxes

Our children in their kindness will often want to help an injured animal. While it's a great instinct to have, no injured or sick animal should be handled without the proper protection, knowledge or immunisation. Injured animals are often scared and vulnerable, so may try to defend themselves against those to try to help them by biting or scratching. Flying-foxes are no exception to this and can sometimes, as is the case for most animals, carry some illnesses that might affect humans. More information on managing health risks for your children are listed below.

If you see a sick or injured flying-fox (or any other wild animal) here are some tips to try:

  • do not touch the animal
  • keep sight of the animal and phone your nearest bat rescue centre. If there is no answer, please leave a detailed message with time, exact location of bat and return phone number in case further information is required
    • Cairns: 4053 4467 - FNQ Wildlife Rescue
    • Cairns: 4036 1984 - Wildlife Care and Rescue
    • Kuranda: 4093 8858 - Bat Reach
  • if you don't have a phone, but you're with friends, get someone to stay (if safe to do so) and keep an eye on the animal while you get to a phone or adult to ask for help
  • if you don't have a phone and are on your own, try to mark the site in some way and take a photo or detailed description to your nearest rescue place.
Last updated: 12 January 2018